The fee structure of Law Offices of Arsen Pogosov is one of the most competitive in Los Angeles County:

Chapter 7

If you qualify for our $795 promotion, the total cost for a chapter 7 is only $795 plus court filing fee.  The court filing fee is $335.  To our knowledge, this is the cheapest price in Los Angeles county for representation of a client in chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you don't qualify for our $795 promotion price, the total cost for a chapter 7 is $1165 plus court filing fee.  The court filing fee is $335.

A few very high income chapter 7s or complicated chapter 7s presenting complex issues of law or case administration will cost more than these posted prices.  However, for most cases the above posted prices will apply.

Our fees for a Chapter 7 are significantly less than what most other bankruptcy firms will charge you for the same service.

The flat fee for a Chapter 7 does not include the fee for removing a lien(s) from your home. The fee for removing a lien is $900 for the first lien, and $800 for every additional lien to be removed. Appraisal is not included in this fee, however our in-house appraiser charges only $350 for her services.

Please note:  our representation includes representing the client at the 341(a) meeting of creditors.  Whenever hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, make sure their fees include representation of the client at the 341(a) meeting of creditors. Also we do not charge money to pull your credit report.

Chapter 13:

The up-front fee for a Chapter 13 is $1000 in most cases. This is mostly for the court filing fee. The rest of my fees will be paid through the client’s plan payments, which money would otherwise go to credit card companies.


Note: More than 80% of bankruptcy cases filed in the Central District of California are chapter 7 cases. Call now to schedule a free consultation to see if you qualify for chapter 7.