The fee structure of Law Offices of Arsen Pogosov is one of the most competitive in Los Angeles County:

Chapter 7

I charge only $995 plus court filing fee for a basic chapter 7 case. The court filing fee is $335. The only other cost to a debtor is an online credit counseling class which costs $25. I do not charge money to pull your credit report.

For more complicated cases I will charge a little bit more. An example of a more complicated case is where a debtor is high income but wants to qualify for a chapter 7. Other examples include cases involving high debt amounts, cases where I have to stop a wage garnishment or bank account levy, and cases where I have to stop a pending lawsuit against a debtor. I have also been known to charge more where the client is “difficult”, abusive or sounds disrespectful for no reason.

Our fees for a Chapter 7 are significantly less than what most other bankruptcy firms will charge you for the same service.

The flat fee for a Chapter 7 does not include the fee for removing a lien(s) from your home. The fee for removing a lien is $2,000 for the first lien, and $1,500 for every additional lien to be removed. Appraisal is not included in this fee, however our in-house appraiser charges only $450 for her services.

Chapter 13:

The up-front fee for a Chapter 13 is $1000 in cases where the monthly plan payment is more than $300. In cases where the monthly plan payment is less than $300 per month, I may charge more up front. The rest of my fees are paid by the court from your plan payments from money which would otherwise go to your creditors. I have many cases where the plan payment is less than $300, and these cases can still be a very good deal for debtors, even though generally a chapter 7 is better than a chapter 13.

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