$995 Promotion

Law Offices of Arsen Pogosov is offering a special promotion to certain low-income and/or low-debt clients.  If you qualify for the promotion, a chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost you only $995 plus the court filing fee.  This is one of the lowest prices you will be able to find in Los Angeles county.


In order to qualify for the promotion price, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • (1)     Total debt less than $20,000,  or
  • (2)     Total debt less than $30,000  and total income less than $30,000 per year


If you meet one of the above criteria, Law Offices of Arsen Pogosov will do your bankruptcy case for only $995 plus court filing fee.  Call now to schedule a free consultation.

Please note, I do not charge money to pull your credit report. The only other cost you pay besides the court filing fee is for a required online credit counseling class which costs $25. Please also note that the promotion price is discretionary and I may charge you more even if you meet the above criteria, depending on the facts of your case. An example of when I would charge more is if there is a wage garnishment and I have to spend additional time to stop the wage garnishment.