$795 Promotion

Law Offices of Arsen Pogosov is offering a special promotion to certain low-income and/or low-debt clients.  If you qualify for the promotion, a chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost you only $795 plus the court filing fee.  To our knowledge, this is the lowest price that any lawyer in Los Angeles or Orange county will charge for a chapter 7.


In order to qualify for the promotion price, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • (1)     Total debt less than $20,000,  or
  • (2)     Total debt less than $30,000  and total income less than $30,000 per year


If you meet one of the above criteria, Law Offices of Arsen Pogosov will do your bankruptcy case for only $795 plus court filing fee.  Call now to schedule a free consultation.

Please note:  The promotion price includes representation at the 341(a) meeting of creditors.  Whenever hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, make sure their services include representation at the meeting of creditors.