Litigation arises in a very small minority of cases. Such litigation usually involves an issue arising under sections 523 or 727 of the Bankruptcy Code: fraud, embezzlement, concealment of assets, false statement, disobedience of court order, student loan dischargeability, tax debt dischargeability, or denial/revocation of bankruptcy discharge. Once in a while there is also an issue of a preferential or fraudulent transfer of assets by the Debtor to a 3rd party, usually a relative.


Litigation Portfolio of Cases:


We have been counsel of record in the following cases:

Kazarosyan v. Lucius F. Foster dba Modernistic Properties

Calderon  v.  United States Department of Education, et al.

Grobstein, Chapter 7 Trustee v. Renderos

National Commercial Recovery, Inc. v. Gomez et al.

GE Capital Retail Bank v. Mikiel

In re Hatian, Rule 2004 examination

Azouri v. Mondala

Payne & Fears, LLP v. Noonan

In re Haiimpoor Rouhani,   Asset Preservation

In re Rivera, Liquidation

In re Gabikyan, Fraudulent Transfers

In re Carlo LLC, Liquidation

In re Caruso, Trustee election & out of control creditor

Infinity Couture, Inc. v. Pogosian, Denial of Discharge, Fraud

In re Jean Andre et Cie., Inc., Liquidation

Garcia v. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, wage garnishment recovery

In re Jorge Gomez, car loan bifurcation & partial reclassification as unsecured debt

In re David Almadi, challenge to chapter 13 Plan confirmation

In re Budaghyan, United States Trustee Audit - Chapter 7

In re Pruett, Early Chapter 13 Discharge (Hardship Discharge)